Welcome to the NetSence website.

In the coming months this will become the one-stop website for everything related to web front-end technology. You will find various projects that I have been working on, of which some will be released as libraries later on. But I am also planning on writing tutorials and how-to’s to help people interested in advanced front-end technology improve their skills and knowledge.

For more information on who I am and what I do you can refer to the about section of this website. Also you will find a portfolio of projects I’ve worked on for my employer as well as projects I’ve ran on my own.

Feel free to explore the site and join me on my exploration of the reaches of front-end technology for the web.


Working on a new website

Maybe you still remember the old website. It was dated, inactive and it was just sitting there…

With some recent developments on my side I decided it was time to get back into action. Show off some things, share some things and eventually contribute some bits and bytes to the community. I have some great thoughts currently on what I’d like to do here and get things going. Make sure to check back regularly.

So with all these plans on mind, as of today work started on a new website. It’s work in progress and I have no time schedule in regards to when it should be completed. It will be done, when it’s done…