Martijn BosgraafI’m Martijn Bosgraaf, a front-end developer currently employed at Wirelab Digital Creatives, in this role I am beside other tasks involved in translating visual and interaction design to the actual front-end implementation of these. Among projects I have worked on are the websites for Canon Business Centers (NL), Twente.com, TinQwise, Plegt-Vos, FC Twente, Lenco EU, Sepa green, Cogas Glasvezel, Fudura, Vindsubsidies and many others. Each of these challenging and at times fairly advanced in regards to visual and/or interaction design, asking for some more “magic” then just writing a bit of HTML and CSS.

Being a front-end developer for over 10 years now I can say I’m fairly skilled and familiar what is going on and coming up. I love to explore the boundaries of what can be done with web front-end technology and try to cross these boundaries at times to come to innovative solutions that haven’t been seen before.

In the at times rare spare time I have, I always try to improve myself, explore what is possible. Failure to me doesn’t exist and even if I find that something I try won’t work out in the end it’s a new piece experience I have gotten and more knowledge I have acquired.

The goal with this website is to keep a more structured record of what I have done over the past years and what I am actively working on in the present. I’m hoping that with this website in the future I can add to the knowledge of front-end developers world-wide and have a chance to get things into the world that may make the web an even greater and richer experience then it already is.