Origin Engine – A full and flexible 3D game engine

Inspired by my JSQuake2 project I’ve decided to work on my own game and render engine, which is more optimized for the capabilities and performance of modern day browsers. A lot of lessons in the path NOT to take have been learned from the JSQuake2 project which I worked on before.

This project is aimed at providing a complete solution for 3D gaming, and will provide you with everything you will need to quickly build a game and get it published to the web. The full scope of game engines I will implement I something that is still to be determined at a later stage, but two game types to be certainly implemented are FPS (first person shooter) and RPG (role playing game) style games. More details will be published as I am working on the project and things get implemented.


JSQuake2 – A JavaScript port of Quake 2

Through the years ID software has released the source-code of various games they produced. One of these games was the world famous Quake 2 game, which was the origin of many games developed afterwards. Games directly or indirectly based of the Quake 2 game engine include Half Life, Daikatana, Kingpin, SiN, Soldier of Fortune and many, many others.

In an attempt to learn a bit about game engines and game building I decided to try and port the Quake 2 game to JavaScript straight from it’s original ANSI C source. Over a couple of months a lot has been implemented and technically a lot of behind the scenes things are working and verified to be correct. The original plan was to implement the software rendering engine Quake 2 was using, which unfortunately came to a halt, due to the performance of the HTML5 Canvas 2d-context performance as well as the payload that software rendering gives to the JavaScript engine.